Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heat and Lakers locked no. 2 seed!

If there are teams in the NBA that have been criticized, questions and hated most it would be Miami Heat and LA Lakers all out of the NBA season.

Miami Heat was followed with so much criticism because of the unity of the three most priced players in the league Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Many people thought specially the media that this team would not be as successful at least this season because of lack of depth in their lineup and they are relying mostly by the ‘Big 3’.

As for the Lakers, they were hounded by injuries and inconsistencies throughout the season. 4 game losing streaks and recently 5 game losing streaks. Their status as the NBA defending champion was now hanging tough as others improving very well. Is this mean that majority of the NBA fans wanted LA out in the race of NBA Championship?

In spite of all controversies and adversities, these two monster teams still the team to watch and the team to beat come playoff time. Miami Heat and the LA Lakers are the team that everybody doesn’t want to face off in the early goings of NBA Playoff 2011.

LA Lakers is equipped with the entire arsenal to capture their 3rd consecutive NBA Championship. With Kobe Bryant leading Lakers, you have to realize that they are the team to beat in the Western Conference. They could the thorn for every team and still everybody believes, LA Lakers is the team who will emerge to become the Western Conference Champion. But this time it would be more challenging and classic challenge as everybody are improving most specially the emerging San Antonio Spurs.

Miami Heat and Lebron James were the most controversial and criticized them throughout the season. Many believes that this would not be their yet and they can’t be succeeded with Boston Celtics at helm. Lebron James together with Dwayne Wade and Chris and determined to prove all critics wrong and now ready for real game the NBA Playoff 2011. This is big time and the Miami Heat would be tough as nail and if they will survive against Boston Celtics (just in case) they will establish their selves as the team in East.

With the way I see it, a 80% possibility Miami Heat vs. LA Lakers NBA Championship 2011. This is the reality, both teams are in the right track to secure the seat for NBA Championship 2011 and they intend to do it. This is not about hallucination but rather a fair forecast. LA Lakers toughest test in Western Conference would be San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat toughest team to beat is Boston Celtics. But if they will be able survive the series then it’s going to be a Lakers vs. Heat showdown in 2011.

What do you think guyz?

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