Monday, January 31, 2011

Lebron and the Miami Heat are Back!

Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma Thunder

After struggling and losing 4 consecutive games the longest in this season, Miami Heat and Lebron James is now on track again after winning back to back games against Detroit Pistons and latest against Kevin Durant lead Oklahoma Thunder.

It was pretty obvious that the Miami Heat needs their big 3 as they were struggled and beaten when one or two of their big three is not playing. On their game against New York Knicks last Wednesday, they were exposed in certain spot and that is in the paint which they really badly needed the presence of C-Bosh.

It was pretty obvious also, that once the two most prolific duo in transition Lebron James and Dwane Wade are not healthy the Miami Heat will become cold and badly beaten by any other team.

But what is more significant here is when Lebron is not playing. On Miami’s game specially those string of loses there is no doubt that Miami Heat is really looking for Lebron James to make things easier for the team to execute and get easy points that leads to winning a game.

Against Detroit Pistons, Lebron James displayed a notable performance as he led his team into a dramatic fashion. He led it emotionally and he let his teammates involved in the game. He is truly indeed, the Most Valuable Player in the NBA.

Now, it’s time to roar and cheer as the Miami Heat is back on track. The Big 3 Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and the King itself Lebron James are now playing together anew to start what has been delayed because of the injury.

Once the Big 3 will stay healthy, they will be the biggest threat for an NBA Championship all haters will hate their words.

Lebron James the MVP!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lebron is the MVP for NBA Mid Season Report!

Lebron James is the MVP!

Lebron James was adjudged as the runaway choice for NBA MVP winner in the mid season report at least for the Eastern Conference for 2010-2011 season.

But the way it sounded, Lebron James will be topping anew the MVP award as there was no clear and precise choice of who will be the MVP in the Western Conference.

Lebron was very much affected at the start of the season, affected by all means. He was called a self proclaimed the ‘king’, a quitter and joined D-Wade and C-Bosh for an easy road to championship. His team struggling and keep on losing. But when they regroup and Lebron started to lead the Heat it was totally answered all doubts and criticism. They started winning, ruling and dominating every opposition.

Many have been thought that Lebron would not go to win an MVP as D-Wade is the man for the Miami Heat. But he proved it all critics wrong as he slowly occupying the top position not just in the Miami Heat but in the MVP derby as well. Lebron is now 3rd in the list for Kia MVP Award and it is still a long way to go as we are in the half way mark of the season. Eventually, Lebron James will be on top again and secure his 3rd consecutive MVP award.

He is the most dominating and truly the king of basketball. Basketball fans, now slowly understand why he was the most heated player in the league. This is because everybody wanted to have King Lebron on their team. Unfortunately, Miami Heat was the most fortunate team in the NBA by having Lebron joining them and become a championship contender on the spot.

With all the talks and expectations where at the very start was not happening, now those talks and expectations are fast becoming a reality. Lebron James and the Miami is now taken it slowly to dethrone the defending Eastern Conference Champion Boston Celtics and take the challenges of the emerging Chicago Bulls and the ever dangerous Orlando Magic.

What was the most exciting here is that, from the video itself all of them unanimously choose Boston Celtics to win the Eastern Conference title. It’s too early to tell but this will serve as a measurement for the Miami Heat success.

Lebron James the NBA Most Valuable player!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lebron James is the King!

Lebron James the King in Basketball!

Why Lebron James called as a King? Why not Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade or even Michael Jordan? There’s a lot of players right who are considerably a franchise player and can lead their respective team and never quit to any challenges. Lebron James was already been criticize for being a quitter and can’t lead his team to promise land. But why he was named as a King?

If you were called a King who has the throne in your head, it’s not an easy job to perform. Everybody from your kingdom from the fans and to its players itself look up to you and praise for your greatness. Once you did something wrong on your decision, they will question you and maybe they will hate you for what you have done that affects your greatness.

But being a King, you should be always be ready for any crisis that you will be facing in the future and stand in your ground and let them feel that you are truly the King.

Lebron ‘King’ James, resemble what the real king is doing at least in the world of basketball and in sports in general. He was been criticize, hate and kick on his back after he announces his ‘decision’ leaving the Cavs for Miami Heat. But that doesn’t stop him in pursuing his goal not just by winning individual awards but winning the coveted NBA Larry O’Brien Championship trophy.

Lebron will always be Lebron and sooner or later people will start loving him back and look up to him for his greatness and brilliance on and off the court.

His decision is not a sin after all and he will continue proving it that what did is not for him but for the rest of the world. There’s only one reason why you are in competition and that is because you want to win and he see’s bigger and brighter opportunity in playing in Miami Heat to win what a player want to have and that is NBA Championship.

Lebron James will are truly the King in Basketball!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lebron James is back but Miami Heat loses!

Hawks vs Heat January 18, 2011

Miami Heat welcomes back Lebron ‘King’ James from left ankle injury but it was spoiled by a loss against an Eastern Conference contender Atlanta Hawks 93-89 in a thrilling overtime at American Airlines Arena.

They started slow in the first half as the Atlanta Hawks gaining grounds to post a double digit lead in the early goings in the first quarter 19-11. As the heat was not doing very well in the first quarter and they are struggling badly in the particular quarter. Atlanta had a double digit lead in the early going in the second quarter but the Miami Heat lead by Lebron James and Dwyane Wade made a run to tie the ball to 30 apiece. It was a low scoring ball game, and it’s definitely not a type of a game for the Miami Heat.

As Erik Spoelstra quoted: “We showed a lot of heart and toughness to stick in there, and keep on grinding away. We had a horrible start of the game offensively.”

The worse thing is that the Miami Heat had 16 turnovers and the Atlanta Hawks scored 25 points from Miami’s Heat turnovers. But it was because a low scoring ballgame, once that happen it would mean the Miami Heat had a terrible night and bound to lose.

It was a gallant showing of Lebron and DWade but it turns out not enough as the Atlanta Hawks made every shot they had. Lebron James was all out of the game as he scored 34 points and Dwane Wade had 27 points.

They were caught losing in the overtime and they miss crucial shots most specially the last one from Lebron as he tried to take a 3 to take the game away from Atlanta Hawks but unfortunately it bounced out.

It was Miami Heat longest losing streak of the season but bound to rediscover their rhythm and dominate again in the next games.

Lebron James will rule.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lebron James on track for his 3rd MVP Award!

LeBron James - Nightly Notable

With all the critics focusing on Lebron’s showing on his new team the Miami Heat, many have been saying that it would be very hard for King James to capture his 3rd consecutive NBA Most Valuable Player award because teaming up of D-Wade is just like giving up his chances of becoming the only player to win 3rd consecutive MVP award at his age.

But the way he’s been playing in the past few games (though he was injured in the last 2 games), you can really tell that Lebron James is definitely a strong contender for MVP in this 2010-2011 NBA Season. Base on the statistics right now, nobody can argue that he is on track to win the NBA MVP Award.

He is slowly taking some gear to be in the no. 1 list as he is now on the no.2 spot behind New York Knicks superstar Amare Stoudamire. But what is more recognizing is that he is leading the Heat into more respected and highly regarded as a big threat to Boston Celtics and to the defending Champion L.A. Lakers.

Lebron finally is getting into what he should be. Early of the season he was hampered with all the criticisms, humiliated and being question of being a quitter and an ambitious player with no care at all with his native land. With all of those insults and a slap of his face, he took it as a challenge for him and never gives up on his quest to regain what is to be given to him… and that is respect, trust and continues believing that he is truly a winner and fighter.

He elaborated on his ‘decision’ that he is not leaving in Cleveland because he doesn’t love the city at all. But what he wants from them is to be love and to be proud to him somebody and he promised but he will return in the city and share a piece of his success as a player including a championship in Miami.

See here: Race to the MVP

Lebron ‘King’ James

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lebron injured his left ankle!

Miami Heat vs. L.A. Clippers January 12, 2011

Lebron James suffered a sprained left ankle when he tried to take it strong to the hoop against a defender during their game against L.A. Clippers last January 12, 2011. But he was still managed to get back on the court and buried a 3 point on the left corner to cut the deficit to 2 points.

At that point, Lebron James feeling the pain but still enables to continue and finished the game. But his gallant effort was not enough to stop the L.A. Clippers at home and eventually loses the game and end the road winning streak at 13.

Lebron James never played on Miami’s game against Denver Nuggets yesterday and they were massacred by the Carmelo Anthony lead Nuggets.

It just shown, King James is the key role of leading the Miami Heat to a championship again. His absence really creates significant effect on Miami’s game and its rotation. He was the key reason why Miami Heat is surging nowadays considering their 2 consecutive games.

Lebron would probably back in the next few days and dominate the game again. While his team the Miami Heat will then again start winning on its way to a NBA Championship.

Even with the losing effort, every basketball fans watched that game started to realized that Lebron James is somehow are not showing some overconfident even with the partnership of D-Wade and C-Bosh. This will erase all doubts and criticism that the reason behind Lebron’s ‘Decision’ to join D-Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami to be able to easily got a championship ring and less hassle.

But at the end of the day, all critics will be all praise and cheer for Lebron ‘King’ James.

Miami Heat will dominate with Lebron James.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lebron James Breaking the Records!

Lebron James hits 15,000 mark

Lebron James is the youngest NBA Player to score 15,000 points, breaking Kobe Bryant’s mark by more than two years which is very remarkable feat to a player. He achieved this during his time in Cleveland Cavaliers against the Chicago Bulls 92-85 victory way back March 20, 2010.

In that game, King James had 29 points against the Bulls to registered 15,026 points.

Lebron achieved the milestone at 25 years, 79 days, and he did it in his 540th game which is the fastest. Kobe Bryant achieved the feat at the age of 27 years, 136 days and playing his 657th game which way beyond from Lebron James milestone.

It was indeed a message, a message that he is the current King in basketball. Expectedly, there will more records he will be breaking in the years to come. Lebron James the 2 time NBA Most Valuable Player is slowly stepping ahead of Kobe by breaking it what he achieved in the NBA.

Lebron James is becoming the monster of the game and in the years to come, he will continue to dominate and amaze the basketball world.

Lebron is the King of Basketball in this modern generation!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lebron James Born to be a Champion!

LeBron James Highlights

Not all men are created equal! Which is true, and not all men are gifted as Lebron James! This is very much true.

As we witnessed, when Lebron enters the NBA at the age of 18, we have seen a phenomenon in modern basketball with all the skills has in placed to a one man who demonstrated extraordinary, exemplary skills in basketball. Lebron James is the messiah, the chosen one in basketball.

Looking back on his early years in the league, he captured every fans heart with his uncanny display of basketball and introduces innovations in the game. It was Lebron who made millions at the very young age due to his skills and dominating showing every game on the court. He is not only known for being such a great basketball player, he is also considered as a very good and generous man.

He is a winner, competitor, a leader and a champion!

Every year, he increasingly showing great promise and a great progress on his game as it shows on his stat. He never back down to any adversity and faces all challenges on and off the court. He is one player that makes his teammates productive and contributes to the team success.

He is a Phenom! Phenomenon in the sense, Lebron James is one hell of a player. He is not only scores but also he orchestrates like a point guard, he gets rebounds and displayed an exceptional defensive skill. No other active players in the NBA today that displayed such talent. Even the legends, which of them where we can compare to Lebron James talent?

At the age of 25, he already achieved a lot of reorganizations and awards including the NBA Most Valuable Player Award for two consecutive years (2009 and 2010). There are still many to come but what would be sweetest is a championship ring. This is what he aims and it seems he can get eat not even 1 but a multiple title in the making.

King Lebron 2011!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lebron James is the MVP!

Heat vs Blazers January 9, 2011

Lebron the real ‘King’ in Basketball!

Would you agree on me? Well, you might not, but majority in this world that loves basketball believes that Lebron James is really the ‘King’ of basketball.

With all the hatred (I myself was a little bit frustrated) due to his ‘Decision’ leaving the frustrated Cleveland Community, Lebron James was able to proved to everyone that he made the right decision and that he doesn’t have any obligation to his former team.

Lebron James, is now becoming the beast in basketball. Playing alongside DWade is not an easy responsibility as DWade has a mindset of being a leader. There have been speculations that Lebron will only be a second option for Miami Heat because of Dwayne Wade and he will never be on his own and it will never be same Lebron James again.

But the way he shown in the last previous games, Lebron James is now considered as the real reason why the Miami Heat are on top of the East. As a player, he was motivated to perform what is best for himself, for his teammates and for the entire Miami Heat Organization.

There’s always a significant effect once Lebron James takeover the game. It has a higher ratio of winning the game because he is not only doing the scoring chores but doing what is best in basketball which is an all around aspect of it.

Critics are now silent as the Miami Heat is now the team to beat not just in the Eastern Conference but in the league as a whole.

Now, it has been clear the air and his chances of winning his 3rd consecutive MVP award is almost crystal clear. The only thing left for Lebron James is winning an NBA Championship Trophy which I believe he will have it very very soon.

Lebron James the Most Valuable Player of the NBA!