Monday, January 17, 2011

Lebron James on track for his 3rd MVP Award!

LeBron James - Nightly Notable

With all the critics focusing on Lebron’s showing on his new team the Miami Heat, many have been saying that it would be very hard for King James to capture his 3rd consecutive NBA Most Valuable Player award because teaming up of D-Wade is just like giving up his chances of becoming the only player to win 3rd consecutive MVP award at his age.

But the way he’s been playing in the past few games (though he was injured in the last 2 games), you can really tell that Lebron James is definitely a strong contender for MVP in this 2010-2011 NBA Season. Base on the statistics right now, nobody can argue that he is on track to win the NBA MVP Award.

He is slowly taking some gear to be in the no. 1 list as he is now on the no.2 spot behind New York Knicks superstar Amare Stoudamire. But what is more recognizing is that he is leading the Heat into more respected and highly regarded as a big threat to Boston Celtics and to the defending Champion L.A. Lakers.

Lebron finally is getting into what he should be. Early of the season he was hampered with all the criticisms, humiliated and being question of being a quitter and an ambitious player with no care at all with his native land. With all of those insults and a slap of his face, he took it as a challenge for him and never gives up on his quest to regain what is to be given to him… and that is respect, trust and continues believing that he is truly a winner and fighter.

He elaborated on his ‘decision’ that he is not leaving in Cleveland because he doesn’t love the city at all. But what he wants from them is to be love and to be proud to him somebody and he promised but he will return in the city and share a piece of his success as a player including a championship in Miami.

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Lebron ‘King’ James

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