Monday, January 24, 2011

Lebron is the MVP for NBA Mid Season Report!

Lebron James is the MVP!

Lebron James was adjudged as the runaway choice for NBA MVP winner in the mid season report at least for the Eastern Conference for 2010-2011 season.

But the way it sounded, Lebron James will be topping anew the MVP award as there was no clear and precise choice of who will be the MVP in the Western Conference.

Lebron was very much affected at the start of the season, affected by all means. He was called a self proclaimed the ‘king’, a quitter and joined D-Wade and C-Bosh for an easy road to championship. His team struggling and keep on losing. But when they regroup and Lebron started to lead the Heat it was totally answered all doubts and criticism. They started winning, ruling and dominating every opposition.

Many have been thought that Lebron would not go to win an MVP as D-Wade is the man for the Miami Heat. But he proved it all critics wrong as he slowly occupying the top position not just in the Miami Heat but in the MVP derby as well. Lebron is now 3rd in the list for Kia MVP Award and it is still a long way to go as we are in the half way mark of the season. Eventually, Lebron James will be on top again and secure his 3rd consecutive MVP award.

He is the most dominating and truly the king of basketball. Basketball fans, now slowly understand why he was the most heated player in the league. This is because everybody wanted to have King Lebron on their team. Unfortunately, Miami Heat was the most fortunate team in the NBA by having Lebron joining them and become a championship contender on the spot.

With all the talks and expectations where at the very start was not happening, now those talks and expectations are fast becoming a reality. Lebron James and the Miami is now taken it slowly to dethrone the defending Eastern Conference Champion Boston Celtics and take the challenges of the emerging Chicago Bulls and the ever dangerous Orlando Magic.

What was the most exciting here is that, from the video itself all of them unanimously choose Boston Celtics to win the Eastern Conference title. It’s too early to tell but this will serve as a measurement for the Miami Heat success.

Lebron James the NBA Most Valuable player!

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