Friday, January 21, 2011

Lebron James is the King!

Lebron James the King in Basketball!

Why Lebron James called as a King? Why not Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade or even Michael Jordan? There’s a lot of players right who are considerably a franchise player and can lead their respective team and never quit to any challenges. Lebron James was already been criticize for being a quitter and can’t lead his team to promise land. But why he was named as a King?

If you were called a King who has the throne in your head, it’s not an easy job to perform. Everybody from your kingdom from the fans and to its players itself look up to you and praise for your greatness. Once you did something wrong on your decision, they will question you and maybe they will hate you for what you have done that affects your greatness.

But being a King, you should be always be ready for any crisis that you will be facing in the future and stand in your ground and let them feel that you are truly the King.

Lebron ‘King’ James, resemble what the real king is doing at least in the world of basketball and in sports in general. He was been criticize, hate and kick on his back after he announces his ‘decision’ leaving the Cavs for Miami Heat. But that doesn’t stop him in pursuing his goal not just by winning individual awards but winning the coveted NBA Larry O’Brien Championship trophy.

Lebron will always be Lebron and sooner or later people will start loving him back and look up to him for his greatness and brilliance on and off the court.

His decision is not a sin after all and he will continue proving it that what did is not for him but for the rest of the world. There’s only one reason why you are in competition and that is because you want to win and he see’s bigger and brighter opportunity in playing in Miami Heat to win what a player want to have and that is NBA Championship.

Lebron James will are truly the King in Basketball!

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