Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lebron James is the MVP!

Heat vs Blazers January 9, 2011

Lebron the real ‘King’ in Basketball!

Would you agree on me? Well, you might not, but majority in this world that loves basketball believes that Lebron James is really the ‘King’ of basketball.

With all the hatred (I myself was a little bit frustrated) due to his ‘Decision’ leaving the frustrated Cleveland Community, Lebron James was able to proved to everyone that he made the right decision and that he doesn’t have any obligation to his former team.

Lebron James, is now becoming the beast in basketball. Playing alongside DWade is not an easy responsibility as DWade has a mindset of being a leader. There have been speculations that Lebron will only be a second option for Miami Heat because of Dwayne Wade and he will never be on his own and it will never be same Lebron James again.

But the way he shown in the last previous games, Lebron James is now considered as the real reason why the Miami Heat are on top of the East. As a player, he was motivated to perform what is best for himself, for his teammates and for the entire Miami Heat Organization.

There’s always a significant effect once Lebron James takeover the game. It has a higher ratio of winning the game because he is not only doing the scoring chores but doing what is best in basketball which is an all around aspect of it.

Critics are now silent as the Miami Heat is now the team to beat not just in the Eastern Conference but in the league as a whole.

Now, it has been clear the air and his chances of winning his 3rd consecutive MVP award is almost crystal clear. The only thing left for Lebron James is winning an NBA Championship Trophy which I believe he will have it very very soon.

Lebron James the Most Valuable Player of the NBA!

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