Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lebron James Born to be a Champion!

LeBron James Highlights

Not all men are created equal! Which is true, and not all men are gifted as Lebron James! This is very much true.

As we witnessed, when Lebron enters the NBA at the age of 18, we have seen a phenomenon in modern basketball with all the skills has in placed to a one man who demonstrated extraordinary, exemplary skills in basketball. Lebron James is the messiah, the chosen one in basketball.

Looking back on his early years in the league, he captured every fans heart with his uncanny display of basketball and introduces innovations in the game. It was Lebron who made millions at the very young age due to his skills and dominating showing every game on the court. He is not only known for being such a great basketball player, he is also considered as a very good and generous man.

He is a winner, competitor, a leader and a champion!

Every year, he increasingly showing great promise and a great progress on his game as it shows on his stat. He never back down to any adversity and faces all challenges on and off the court. He is one player that makes his teammates productive and contributes to the team success.

He is a Phenom! Phenomenon in the sense, Lebron James is one hell of a player. He is not only scores but also he orchestrates like a point guard, he gets rebounds and displayed an exceptional defensive skill. No other active players in the NBA today that displayed such talent. Even the legends, which of them where we can compare to Lebron James talent?

At the age of 25, he already achieved a lot of reorganizations and awards including the NBA Most Valuable Player Award for two consecutive years (2009 and 2010). There are still many to come but what would be sweetest is a championship ring. This is what he aims and it seems he can get eat not even 1 but a multiple title in the making.

King Lebron 2011!

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