Monday, January 31, 2011

Lebron and the Miami Heat are Back!

Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma Thunder

After struggling and losing 4 consecutive games the longest in this season, Miami Heat and Lebron James is now on track again after winning back to back games against Detroit Pistons and latest against Kevin Durant lead Oklahoma Thunder.

It was pretty obvious that the Miami Heat needs their big 3 as they were struggled and beaten when one or two of their big three is not playing. On their game against New York Knicks last Wednesday, they were exposed in certain spot and that is in the paint which they really badly needed the presence of C-Bosh.

It was pretty obvious also, that once the two most prolific duo in transition Lebron James and Dwane Wade are not healthy the Miami Heat will become cold and badly beaten by any other team.

But what is more significant here is when Lebron is not playing. On Miami’s game specially those string of loses there is no doubt that Miami Heat is really looking for Lebron James to make things easier for the team to execute and get easy points that leads to winning a game.

Against Detroit Pistons, Lebron James displayed a notable performance as he led his team into a dramatic fashion. He led it emotionally and he let his teammates involved in the game. He is truly indeed, the Most Valuable Player in the NBA.

Now, it’s time to roar and cheer as the Miami Heat is back on track. The Big 3 Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and the King itself Lebron James are now playing together anew to start what has been delayed because of the injury.

Once the Big 3 will stay healthy, they will be the biggest threat for an NBA Championship all haters will hate their words.

Lebron James the MVP!

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