Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lebron James is Eastern Conference Player of the Week!

Miami Heat superstar Lebron James is the Eastern Conference Player of the Week for games played January 24-30, 2011.

Lebron James was an outstanding performer (as usual) in last week as he averages 33.0 ppg and 2.3 spg while leading the Miami Heat to a 2-1 record. He was proven now and then that he can lead the Miami Heat even with the absence of co superstars Dwane Wade and Chris Bosh. He has been doing brilliant and High IQ basketball as he delivers what is good for his team the Miami Heat.

Meanwhile, the Miami Heat extends their winning streak to 3 as they beat Lebron’s former team Cleveland Cavaliers 117-90. It was a blowout win and a complete domination of the Heat as the Big 3 start redeeming their rhythm and threatening Eastern Conference leadership.

This time, Lebron James played more as a distributor and let his teammates involved especially D-Wade who benefited the most of Lebron’s unselfish plays. It was almost a perfect basketball for the Heat and slowly regaining that habit where they won 13 game winning streaks. It was pretty obvious those there still loopholes that need to improve and this has been proven when the Big 3 suffered an injury. It was really a wakeup call for everybody and this is what they are working right now where they make some initiatives and remedy to be able to be more competitive and get ready for real battle during playoff time.

Lebron James is now becoming a key element to win a championship this year and D-Wade and C-Bosh will play an integral part of a championship ambition for the entire Miami Heat Organization.

With Lebron’s determination and maturity, the Miami Heat is now being considered as the team would certainly give Boston Celtics a very tough time to secure a seat for a 2011 NBA Championship. Definitely, Miami Heat will keep on pressuring the entire Eastern Conference contenders and eventually they will be playing in the 2011 Finals.

Lebron James and Miami Heat will rule and start their Dynasty!

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