Monday, February 28, 2011

Lebron James: Miami’s Inconsistent game!

New York Knicks past Miami Heat 91-86

Critics would probably correct that Miami Heat is not the team to beat and needs time to know each other’s game to build chemistry and to undertand each role specially on the 3 superstars in the team Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Last night was a show of inconsistency of Miami’s game, only Lebron and Bosh who came up with a 20 point plus game but the 2nd leading scorer of the team was a non factor of the game Dwayne Wade.

It was totally a dominating game for the Miami Heat and headed for another breakaway win in the early goings of the game. But the New York Knicks with their own version of big 3 lead by Carmelo Anthony came strong in the 2nd quarter to get a lead in a buzzer beater Shawn Williams.

It shows one thing on this game, Miami Heat is not yet decided who will be taking charge of the game. Though we believed that they have enough reason to be dominant and a force to reckon with because of Lebron, D-Wade and C-Bosh but the team should react and make a move to have one guy who will take over and lead specially in big games.

Lebron should understand his role and so with D-Wade and C-Bosh there should be no jealousy and doubts on their role here they should have a firm and intact decision to be more competitive and determine to be the best team in the East.

Yes, I believed it’s not yet playoff and I believe that they have to tools to take the east and eventually role the league in many years.

Lebron James has been proven over and over again that he is fit to lead the game and the ball should be on his hands once the game is on the line. For one reason, he can pass and he can let his teammates contribute and participate in the game. Lebron James would certainly let his game up on his level and give it all to have a last run for leadership in the East. As for Dwayne Wade simple as this…. Share the ball to his teammates and don’t be selfish. Chris Bosh was a big factor he was able to adjust into the system very well. I hope there will be no conflict of interest in the team. Once he will develop that, Miami Heat would be certainly the most dominant team in the league and they will role for years.

Lebron James the 2 time NBA MVP!

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