Friday, February 4, 2011

Lebron James scores 51 pts. Against Orlando Magic!

Lebron ‘King’ James scored a season-high 51 points and his team Miami Heat frustrates the desperate one of their archrival in the Eastern Conference Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard.

King James excellently made his first 11 shots and nine of them are from the outside, and the Miami Heat led 90-67 after a long jumper by Eddie House with 7:40 remaining.

It was Lebron James 9th time 50 points + performance on his young basketball career and surely there are still performances from King James that will be remembered in the history of the NBA. It was totally an unprecedented performance from the King as he continues to dominate every opposition. He is indeed, the King of Basketball.

It was redemption for Lebron as he was criticized by the Orlando Magic management (Otis Smith) that he is not a real competitor and brings his talent to Miami Heat for an easy road to championship. Lebron is now becoming the main man for the Miami Heat and with the presence of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh with one goal in their mind an NBA Championship. This could be in high note as they were on track to bring other contenders off feet to outperform the Miami Heat and beat them in a 7 game series. With less than 40 games to go before playoff, Lebron James and the Miami Heat is now gaining grounds and slowly starting to develop chemistry and once they got it perfectly it will be a scary team to face off during playoff time.

With every criticism against Lebron James, he is working to get the trust of the fans and the basketball analyst. He was totally affected by some issues when he decides to play in Miami. But there is once goal and one focus of his purpose and that is to play in a winning organization and a winning team and he believes its Miami Heat who is more likely the team of the future and building of the legacy starts in South Beach, Florida.

Lebron James the 2 time NBA MVP!

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