Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lebron James: Miami Heat is the team to Beat!

After all the talks and humiliation, Lebron James and the Miami Heat is now becoming the dangerous team not only in the Eastern Conference but in the whole league as well. Even they had lost to Boston Celtics 3 times in 3 meetings; they are still the team that feared most.

After losing to Boston Celtics last Sunday night, Lebron James and the Miami Heat bounces back with a back-2-back wins prior to All Star Week. They defeated the Indiana Pacers 110-103 and recently the Toronto Raptors 103-95. Even with a loss to Boston Celtics many basketball experts believed, that the Miami Heat would be more dangerous and deadliest team as it progress and come playoff time they will be a monster in the court for as long as their ‘Big Three’ will stay healthy.

Lebron James has been an all around presence and he always proved it to critics that he is dead serious on winning a championship here in Miami together with buddies Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. There are still some doubts on this team since there is no dept in their lineup specially in the point guard and center positions where there’s no legitimate player who can be considered to play fit with the Miami Heat ‘Big Three’.

As what Lebron James said in some interview, they are expecting a championship this year but given an opportunity, they will certainly grab it. The reason behind that statement is they are still in the process of building the team and developing the chemistry. But because of their individual skills and talent, Lebron James and the Miami were able to gain some respect to critics and its rivals specifically Boston Celtics and L.A. Lakers.

Lebron James is now upfront of becoming the youngest NBA player to won 3 consecutive MVP that even Michael Jordan never did. With all the talks, that there are players who are deserving to become an MVP this year, Lebron James still above the rest.

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