Monday, February 14, 2011

Lebron James: Ref's Beat Miami Heat!

On Sunday night Boston Celtics beat the uprising and dangerous rival Miami Heat 85-82 and go 3-0 in their regular season duel. Thanks for the referee's inconsistency calls they are totally help the home team to beat the Miami Heat.

It was Miami Heat who dominated in the first half as they led at the half time 43-39. If not for the 3rd quarter surged by Boston and not for Rajon Rondo aggressiveness, Boston will come out in defeat. 3rd quarter was the deciding factor of the game as the Boston Celtics scored 35 points in that quarter alone.

If Lebron James just made the two free throws, it will be a different story.

Kevin Garnett played dirty role as he knocked down Mike Miller with a huge shoulder bump but the referees tend not to call and that particular play, it totally shifted the momentum to Celtics as Dwayne Wade a player and not a referee saw what Kevin Garnett did to his teammate. Dwayne Wade was called for 2 Flagrant Foul which should not be but Kevin Garnett escape for his dirty act.

Referee's tend to hate the Miami Heat and Lebron. They have been so tight and unfair to the King. There are some obvious plays that even a elementary student can even call it a foul but they didn't. Come on ref's don't make a dirty act in the league. 2 instances that Lebron drove in the lane and obviously hacked and fouled in the eyes of the audience but it was not for the refs.

But that game was a statement, Lebron James and the Miami Heat can beat Boston and this will continue come playoff time. Boston is the lucky team in their 3 meetings but it slowly make it difficult for Boston Celtics to stop Miami Heat when they meet in games to come.

Lebron James will always be Lebron James, he will guide Miami Heat into better position when the regular season ends. Miami Heat will eventually in the no.1 spot in the Eastern Conference and will enjoy a homecourt advantage throughout the season in the East.

Lebron James scored 22 points 4 points below of his average, but what he did is to led the Miami Heat uprising.

Lebron James and the Miami Heat will dominate!

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