Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lebron James : NBA Top 10 Blocks of the Week!

Lebron James is highly considered as a complete player. His most potent skill in basketball was his scoring ability. He displayed no fear and shows some no mercy on the defenders. But what is more prolific in Lebron’s was his all around skills he doesn’t only score but he get rebounds, direct plays he played like a real point guard and sometimes better than a legitimate point guard. He is one of the best defender in the league and one of his extraordinary skills is his chasedown blockshot. He is the only player who did that consistently.

Lebron James, the two time Most Valuable Player in the NBA and a shoo-in in this year NBA MVP Award. His ability to make his teammates involved in the game and his leadership is simply unmatched. It is pretty obvious; once Lebron James keep going no one ever can guard or stop him. If you base on statistics, Lebron can score at 50 points a game if he wants to. But because of his willingness not to carry his team on his hand, Lebron was deliberately shared to his teammates and let them feel how to play and win a games.

Here are the highlights from last week’s game. Top 10 blocks of the week.

10. Andre Jordan of Clippers blocked Scola of Houston Rockets

9. Serge Ibeka with a swat against Amare Stoudamire of New York Knicks

8. Lebron James of Miami Heat in your face stopper of Turiaf of New York Knicks

Watch this video below for the complete Top 10 Blocks of the Week.

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