Monday, February 28, 2011

Lebron James: Miami’s Inconsistent game!

New York Knicks past Miami Heat 91-86

Critics would probably correct that Miami Heat is not the team to beat and needs time to know each other’s game to build chemistry and to undertand each role specially on the 3 superstars in the team Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Last night was a show of inconsistency of Miami’s game, only Lebron and Bosh who came up with a 20 point plus game but the 2nd leading scorer of the team was a non factor of the game Dwayne Wade.

It was totally a dominating game for the Miami Heat and headed for another breakaway win in the early goings of the game. But the New York Knicks with their own version of big 3 lead by Carmelo Anthony came strong in the 2nd quarter to get a lead in a buzzer beater Shawn Williams.

It shows one thing on this game, Miami Heat is not yet decided who will be taking charge of the game. Though we believed that they have enough reason to be dominant and a force to reckon with because of Lebron, D-Wade and C-Bosh but the team should react and make a move to have one guy who will take over and lead specially in big games.

Lebron should understand his role and so with D-Wade and C-Bosh there should be no jealousy and doubts on their role here they should have a firm and intact decision to be more competitive and determine to be the best team in the East.

Yes, I believed it’s not yet playoff and I believe that they have to tools to take the east and eventually role the league in many years.

Lebron James has been proven over and over again that he is fit to lead the game and the ball should be on his hands once the game is on the line. For one reason, he can pass and he can let his teammates contribute and participate in the game. Lebron James would certainly let his game up on his level and give it all to have a last run for leadership in the East. As for Dwayne Wade simple as this…. Share the ball to his teammates and don’t be selfish. Chris Bosh was a big factor he was able to adjust into the system very well. I hope there will be no conflict of interest in the team. Once he will develop that, Miami Heat would be certainly the most dominant team in the league and they will role for years.

Lebron James the 2 time NBA MVP!

Monday, February 21, 2011

NBA All-Stars 2011: West defeat East!

West All-Stars 148, East All-Stars 143…

It was like the last game of Kobe in L.A. at least for the All-Stars game as he brought the house down by showing that he has still the legs to deliver a show. 37 points from the ‘Black Mamba’ Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant won his 4th NBA All-Stars MVP as he led the West All-Stars to beat the Lebron James lead East All-Stars.

Kobe Bryant once again proves to the world that he is not yet done in basketball. He was purely motivated and determined to showcase what he can still do on the court with fellow superstars. This might motivate his team as well to regain their rhythm and defend their title and win a championship in three-peat.

Kobe was totally come in the game prepared and ready to give the fans a show and to give the West All-Stars to get back on East All-Stars. As he said:

“I feel like we have a sense of responsibility and we are voted in for what we do during the season, which is play hard. And we come here, that’s what the fans want to see. They want to see us go at it and see us compete and that’s what I try to do and that’s what I try to tell my teammates to do.”

Lebron James powered the East All-Stars rally, finishing with 29 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists to join Michael Jordan as the only players with a triple-double in the All-Star game. Lebron James displayed a lot of athleticism and he almost carries the East team to a win with his brilliant and intelligent plays.

Lebron James, with his presence give the Kobe and West a scare in the fourth quarter until in the few seconds of the game which they were able to cut the lead to 2 points.

Dwayne Wade said he rolled the ankle he originally hurt in a loss at Boston Celtics last week. He was hoping James would pull it out without him.

“I wish the East woul’ve have won, then my teammate with the triple-double performance would’ve stole the MVP, But they deserved it.”

See some highlights in the video above the top 10 plays…for 2011 NBA All-Stars game!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lebron James: NBA All-Star 2011!

2011 Eastern Conference All-Stars Rosters

6 – Lebron James – Miami Heat

1 – Amar’e Stoudamire – New York Knicks

3 – Dwayne Wade – Miami Heat

1 – Derrick Rose – Chicago Bulls

12 – Dwight Howard – Orlando Magic

20 – Ray Allen – Boston Celtics

1 – Chris Bosh – Miami Heat

5 – Kevin Garnett – Boston Celtics

15 – Al Horford – Atlanta Hawks

2 – Joe Johnson – Atlanta Hawks

34 – Paul Pierce – Boston Celtics

9 – Rajon Rondo – Boston Celtics

2011 Western Conference All-Stars Rosters

21 – Tim Duncan – San Antonio Spurs

35 – Kevin Durant – Oklahoma Thunder

15 – Carmelo Anthony – Denver Nuggets

24 – Kobe Bryant – L.A. Lakers

3 – Chris Paul – New Orleans

11 – Yao Ming – Houston Rockets

20 – Manu Ginobili – San Antonio Spurs

16 – Pau Gasol – L.A. Lakers

32 – Blake Griffin – L.A. Clippers

42 – Kevin Love – Minnesota Timberwolves

41 – Dirk Nowitzki – Dallas Mavericks

0 – Russel Westbrook – Oklahamo Thunder

8 – Deron Williams – UTAH Jazz

In the Eastern Conference, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat have their 4 and 3 players respectively. This marks as both team is fast develop their rivalry in the Eastern Conference.

Lebron James once again becomes a starter for the Eastern Conference together with fellow Miami Heat Dwayne Wade.

The Western Conference seeks revenge against the Eastern Conference as they were defeated last year. Kobe Bryant will now play as starter for the Western Conference and expected to play his best and not being affected by what Lakers performance in the recent NBA regular season.

NBA All-Star 2011!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lebron James: Miami Heat is the team to Beat!

After all the talks and humiliation, Lebron James and the Miami Heat is now becoming the dangerous team not only in the Eastern Conference but in the whole league as well. Even they had lost to Boston Celtics 3 times in 3 meetings; they are still the team that feared most.

After losing to Boston Celtics last Sunday night, Lebron James and the Miami Heat bounces back with a back-2-back wins prior to All Star Week. They defeated the Indiana Pacers 110-103 and recently the Toronto Raptors 103-95. Even with a loss to Boston Celtics many basketball experts believed, that the Miami Heat would be more dangerous and deadliest team as it progress and come playoff time they will be a monster in the court for as long as their ‘Big Three’ will stay healthy.

Lebron James has been an all around presence and he always proved it to critics that he is dead serious on winning a championship here in Miami together with buddies Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. There are still some doubts on this team since there is no dept in their lineup specially in the point guard and center positions where there’s no legitimate player who can be considered to play fit with the Miami Heat ‘Big Three’.

As what Lebron James said in some interview, they are expecting a championship this year but given an opportunity, they will certainly grab it. The reason behind that statement is they are still in the process of building the team and developing the chemistry. But because of their individual skills and talent, Lebron James and the Miami were able to gain some respect to critics and its rivals specifically Boston Celtics and L.A. Lakers.

Lebron James is now upfront of becoming the youngest NBA player to won 3 consecutive MVP that even Michael Jordan never did. With all the talks, that there are players who are deserving to become an MVP this year, Lebron James still above the rest.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lebron James: Ref's Beat Miami Heat!

On Sunday night Boston Celtics beat the uprising and dangerous rival Miami Heat 85-82 and go 3-0 in their regular season duel. Thanks for the referee's inconsistency calls they are totally help the home team to beat the Miami Heat.

It was Miami Heat who dominated in the first half as they led at the half time 43-39. If not for the 3rd quarter surged by Boston and not for Rajon Rondo aggressiveness, Boston will come out in defeat. 3rd quarter was the deciding factor of the game as the Boston Celtics scored 35 points in that quarter alone.

If Lebron James just made the two free throws, it will be a different story.

Kevin Garnett played dirty role as he knocked down Mike Miller with a huge shoulder bump but the referees tend not to call and that particular play, it totally shifted the momentum to Celtics as Dwayne Wade a player and not a referee saw what Kevin Garnett did to his teammate. Dwayne Wade was called for 2 Flagrant Foul which should not be but Kevin Garnett escape for his dirty act.

Referee's tend to hate the Miami Heat and Lebron. They have been so tight and unfair to the King. There are some obvious plays that even a elementary student can even call it a foul but they didn't. Come on ref's don't make a dirty act in the league. 2 instances that Lebron drove in the lane and obviously hacked and fouled in the eyes of the audience but it was not for the refs.

But that game was a statement, Lebron James and the Miami Heat can beat Boston and this will continue come playoff time. Boston is the lucky team in their 3 meetings but it slowly make it difficult for Boston Celtics to stop Miami Heat when they meet in games to come.

Lebron James will always be Lebron James, he will guide Miami Heat into better position when the regular season ends. Miami Heat will eventually in the no.1 spot in the Eastern Conference and will enjoy a homecourt advantage throughout the season in the East.

Lebron James scored 22 points 4 points below of his average, but what he did is to led the Miami Heat uprising.

Lebron James and the Miami Heat will dominate!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lebron James: Miami Heat on a Roll!

Lebron James and the Miami Heat defeated the Indiana Pacers 117-112 Tuesday at American Airlines Arena. It was Heat’s seventh streak victory and counting. But the Indiana Pacers put up a good fight. Indiana Pacers lead by 14 at the half and were leading by 7 at the start of the fourth quarter. Lebron James the two time MVP scored a game-high 41 points as he electrified the Miami Heat fans and displayed his all out energy to lead his team to stay on threat to no.1 spot in the Eastern Conference prior to NBA All Star 2011.

Lebron James was totally dominating these past games and he is now on force to capture his third consecutive MVP this 2010-2011 NBA Season. He has been scoring, rebounding, distributing and defending. This is something unmatched!

Now, the critics started to get silent and the only thing they want to see if the Miami Heat and Lebron James will be able to sustain their winning form not just in the regular season but more significantly during Playoffs.

It has been said, that Lebron James is a quitter during playoff games and he was unsuccessful during his stint in Cleveland Cavaliers. But the reality is that, Lebron James is such a great warrior he led and transforms Cleveland Cavaliers into a real contender on his seven seasons in the team.

This time with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade together in one team, the Miami Heat is becoming a headache for other contenders especially in Boston and the defending champion Lakers. They might lack some dept but with the ‘Three Headed Monster’ in the league are in one team, which would be very scary and dangerous.

Lebron James is the two time NBA Most Valuable Player!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lebron James: Player of the Week !

Miami Heat Lebron James again voted as the Eastern Conference Player of the Week together with Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder for the Western Conference for games played Jan. 31 – Feb. 6.

King James led Miami Heat to a 4-0 week and it is expected to extend in the coming days, they were the most dangerous team at the road as they won 2 of that 4. On that week Lebron James averaging 26.5 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 7.3 assists and 1.3 steals. In their win against archrival Orlando Magic, King James posted an NBA season high 51 points to go along with team high 11 rebound to beat the Magic 104-100.

In that game, Lebron ‘King’ James also set a team record by scoring 23 points in the first quarter and opened the game by hitting a career-high 11 straight field goal made. Time and Time again Lebron James has been proven to the opposition that he is the defending NBA MVP. This is now his fourth ‘Player of the Week’ award for 2010-2011 season.

As of this writing, Miami Heat is now on 6 game winning streaks and climbing fast to number 2 position in the East and 3rd overall in the league. Miami Heat and Lebron James is now threatening Boston Celtics to grab a lead as the two will meet in the Garden this coming Monday for the 3rd time this year.

This another banner year for Lebron James and he will running in front of everyone once the regular season is over. MVP award is up for grab and King James is a runaway choice again.

Lebron James NBA MVP!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lebron James scores 51 pts. Against Orlando Magic!

Lebron ‘King’ James scored a season-high 51 points and his team Miami Heat frustrates the desperate one of their archrival in the Eastern Conference Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard.

King James excellently made his first 11 shots and nine of them are from the outside, and the Miami Heat led 90-67 after a long jumper by Eddie House with 7:40 remaining.

It was Lebron James 9th time 50 points + performance on his young basketball career and surely there are still performances from King James that will be remembered in the history of the NBA. It was totally an unprecedented performance from the King as he continues to dominate every opposition. He is indeed, the King of Basketball.

It was redemption for Lebron as he was criticized by the Orlando Magic management (Otis Smith) that he is not a real competitor and brings his talent to Miami Heat for an easy road to championship. Lebron is now becoming the main man for the Miami Heat and with the presence of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh with one goal in their mind an NBA Championship. This could be in high note as they were on track to bring other contenders off feet to outperform the Miami Heat and beat them in a 7 game series. With less than 40 games to go before playoff, Lebron James and the Miami Heat is now gaining grounds and slowly starting to develop chemistry and once they got it perfectly it will be a scary team to face off during playoff time.

With every criticism against Lebron James, he is working to get the trust of the fans and the basketball analyst. He was totally affected by some issues when he decides to play in Miami. But there is once goal and one focus of his purpose and that is to play in a winning organization and a winning team and he believes its Miami Heat who is more likely the team of the future and building of the legacy starts in South Beach, Florida.

Lebron James the 2 time NBA MVP!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lebron James : NBA Top 10 Blocks of the Week!

Lebron James is highly considered as a complete player. His most potent skill in basketball was his scoring ability. He displayed no fear and shows some no mercy on the defenders. But what is more prolific in Lebron’s was his all around skills he doesn’t only score but he get rebounds, direct plays he played like a real point guard and sometimes better than a legitimate point guard. He is one of the best defender in the league and one of his extraordinary skills is his chasedown blockshot. He is the only player who did that consistently.

Lebron James, the two time Most Valuable Player in the NBA and a shoo-in in this year NBA MVP Award. His ability to make his teammates involved in the game and his leadership is simply unmatched. It is pretty obvious; once Lebron James keep going no one ever can guard or stop him. If you base on statistics, Lebron can score at 50 points a game if he wants to. But because of his willingness not to carry his team on his hand, Lebron was deliberately shared to his teammates and let them feel how to play and win a games.

Here are the highlights from last week’s game. Top 10 blocks of the week.

10. Andre Jordan of Clippers blocked Scola of Houston Rockets

9. Serge Ibeka with a swat against Amare Stoudamire of New York Knicks

8. Lebron James of Miami Heat in your face stopper of Turiaf of New York Knicks

Watch this video below for the complete Top 10 Blocks of the Week.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lebron James is Eastern Conference Player of the Week!

Miami Heat superstar Lebron James is the Eastern Conference Player of the Week for games played January 24-30, 2011.

Lebron James was an outstanding performer (as usual) in last week as he averages 33.0 ppg and 2.3 spg while leading the Miami Heat to a 2-1 record. He was proven now and then that he can lead the Miami Heat even with the absence of co superstars Dwane Wade and Chris Bosh. He has been doing brilliant and High IQ basketball as he delivers what is good for his team the Miami Heat.

Meanwhile, the Miami Heat extends their winning streak to 3 as they beat Lebron’s former team Cleveland Cavaliers 117-90. It was a blowout win and a complete domination of the Heat as the Big 3 start redeeming their rhythm and threatening Eastern Conference leadership.

This time, Lebron James played more as a distributor and let his teammates involved especially D-Wade who benefited the most of Lebron’s unselfish plays. It was almost a perfect basketball for the Heat and slowly regaining that habit where they won 13 game winning streaks. It was pretty obvious those there still loopholes that need to improve and this has been proven when the Big 3 suffered an injury. It was really a wakeup call for everybody and this is what they are working right now where they make some initiatives and remedy to be able to be more competitive and get ready for real battle during playoff time.

Lebron James is now becoming a key element to win a championship this year and D-Wade and C-Bosh will play an integral part of a championship ambition for the entire Miami Heat Organization.

With Lebron’s determination and maturity, the Miami Heat is now being considered as the team would certainly give Boston Celtics a very tough time to secure a seat for a 2011 NBA Championship. Definitely, Miami Heat will keep on pressuring the entire Eastern Conference contenders and eventually they will be playing in the 2011 Finals.

Lebron James and Miami Heat will rule and start their Dynasty!