Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lebron James & Miami Heat Ready for 2011-2012 NBA Season!

With the 2011-2012 NBA Season in jeopardy, Lebron James believes that the players union and the NBA management will resolve the crisis in due time.

A lot of fans around the world are now wondering and anxious on the current situation of the world’s richest organization the National Basketball Association. It has been few months now that there’s no significant update whether there will be 2011-2012 Season or this could be an end of the most elusive sports in the world.

But Lebron James and some other NBA Stars believes that both parties will come up a solution and save the association from crisis. Lebron James is optimistic that the players union has only one thing in mind and that is to make all players make their living reasonably and to give the fans all over the world a hope that there is still things to enjoy despite of all the setbacks and struggles and that is the show that the NBA has to offer.

Lebron James and the Miami Heat are ready to bounce back after their disappointing loss in 2011 NBA Finals against Dallas Mavericks. Lebron James on his part felt that he let his fans down and the entire Miami Heat organization and he wants’ to avenge and redeem himself by playing his game of his life this coming 2011-2012 NBA Season. Lebron James and the Miami Heat is now ready for the big battle ahead and they are moving forward from the worst and most criticized season they have.

Lebron James the 2 time MVP is now totally focus of capturing his first ever championship ring and give Miami Heat the 2nd title of franchise history. King James is a warrior and the defeats he encountered will never stop him of aiming for a higher accolades and winning a multiple championships. Being teamed up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh is a risk because all eyes are on them and everytime they commit mistakes they paid darely on it. Considered as one of the most celebrated ‘Big 3’ is now on their 2nd season with less pressure on their shoulder. But on their part specially on Lebron James, the pressure will always there as all eyes are on them and criticism is just around the corner.

To relieve the pressure and to ease the pain, Lebron James on his part is to win a championship and win it more for Miami Heat. King Lebron believes that his team Miami Heat has all what it takes to become a champion and rule the NBA for many years with a multiple championships. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris the most celebrated ‘Big 3’ of this generation are now gearing up for the upcoming 2011-2012 NBA Season even the lockout was still ongoing. But they believe that this could be resolve in time.

Many NBA Players are now considering playing abroad and if this lockout will continue, most of the NBA Stars will be in different league in the world. Would this be beneficial? Or it will only deepen the problem and ruin the relationship between the union and the league itself. This should be stop and let the game begin.

Lebron James will continue his domination once the 2011-2012 NBA Season will eventually start and with a vengeance on his eyes. He will be more mature and focus to his game with no destructions anymore. For King James all has been cruel for him especially last season when he decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for Miami Heat. But he also believes that it was his best decision for the sake of his career. He knows in Miami Heat and teaming up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh is the best decision ever he can have for his elusive basketball career.

2011-2012 NBA Season on its way and Lebron James and Miami Heat is now ready for a big war!

Monday, August 22, 2011

PBA what’s next?

After the unexpected win by Petron Blaze over grand seeking Talk n’ Text in the recent 3rd Conference of the Governors Cup, what’s next for the PBA? I for one believed, that this league was politicized and some of the games are not for real. In short they are making money rather than making the basketball fans a real threat.

It was pretty obvious during the semifinals that there are important games that have been deliberately favored or it was given to give other team a chance to play in the finals or in a playoff. This is totally a bad sign to a league that has been considered as the first professional league in Asia. They should be growing and make its mark in the region but what is happening right now is they are not giving other potential companies to be part of the league but instead giving others to control and dominate.

Base on the audience and the outcome of number of live audiences and televiewers, it is pretty obvious that it was decreasing and the league would be in dying end if the management will continue to be controlled or will not do something good for the entire league. Chito Salud would innovate and not to be intimated and he should stand firm on his every decision to restore the trust and confidence of the fans. Back in 1980’s and 1990’s it was a different league, a league with full of promises not only for the fans but also for the players. It was then that the like of Robert Jaworski and Ramon Fernandez carrying the torch and it was really a decade where basketball fans are always excited going home and watch games even how lowly the team is. Because the real competition and the excitement offered by the Philippine Basketball Association is a guarantee.

Nowadays it was never and it’s dying at least for me. Why the PBA management is not able to pursue their own stadium? Because definitely they are afraid that they cannot sustain the operation. Why until now there are only 10 teams where a lot of potentials companies wanted to join to the one of the most prestigious professional league in asia?

Transformation and fair decision that will surely make this league a trusted and competent league. Number of teams should be increase and every game should be genuine and not fake. They have to create employment and accept more teams to make it more exciting and not boring.

For teams like Ginebra, Alaska, BMeG, Petron, Air21, Powerade, Rain or Shine, TnT, Meralco and Barako Bull…let these teams has a balance line up and be more competitive no powerhouse and no bias decision. For them to stay and maintain their interest in the league…

This is the job for the commissioner and I’m calling your attention! Let’s do it and revive the old glory of Philippine Basketball Association the first premier league in Asia.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Smart Gilas Pilipinas: More Games, More Exposure!

After its recent campaign in Jones Cup 2011 that placed them in 3rd position, Rajko Toroman and the rest of the coaching staff and management were convinced that the team is improving and the program is on the right track to create a national basketball team that will create noise and some fear to other asian countries including powerhouse team of IRAN and China. It has been proven that with enough preparation and exposure in international competition, the team will flourish and develop to mature.

It is not only talent that will bring success in any sports and we are very particular on our sports that we love, basketball. With this basketball program by Manny Pangilinan (truly an MVP) this is simply a sign of awareness that talent wise Filipinos have what it takes but as what I said talent is not enough to succeed in international scene. National teams need exposure that’s including familiarization of the rules and regulations and to get more ideas on how our neighboring countries played and the approach of the game.

Basically, Smart Gilas Pilipinas has a long way to go and it was a good idea that this program will continue and develop more to be more competitive and eventually will be able to capture respect and bring pride to our nation. Sacrifice is one and big question mark here, with money involve these players will be shift direction and leave the Smart Gilas Pilipinas in exchange to Philippine Basketball Association with a lot of opportunity and money. But how this program last if those players will quit and joining the professional league? This is now the biggest challenge for the coaching staff and the management to convince its players to stay and continue to play for the flag.

Chris Tiu, JV Casio, Marc Baracael, Marc Barroca are those only few members of the Smart Gilas Pilipinas national team show some interest to play in the PBA and earn big bucks. But it will be a failure for this team if majority of the players will not stay and instead play for the big league. Though the program will continue, they will again form a new members and then train and expose them to what the previous members did. I think this will not be effective and it will only ruin our chances. It should be a long program and players will have the same goal and that is to make our people and our nation proud.

Smart Gilas Pilipinas have been there and the only thing they have to do is to set their minds that playing with the flag is a big responsibility and honor. Money will follow and surely they will be blessed and given the accolades that any players wishing for. This is something big in the Philippines that the likes of Manny Pangilinan are helping our program to boost our Philippine sports without asking any help from government. This should be an obligation that our government should do but because of lack some initiatives and budgets…it was high time for MVP to step up and save our sports for the sake of Filipinos and our nation.

Smart Gilas Pilipinas is now gearing up in their preparation for Wuhan, China Olympic Qualifier and this might be the start of something big in Philippine Basketball as well as Philippine Sports.

Let us support the team of Smart Gilas and continue praise them for what they have sacrifice for us.

Mabuhay Smart Gilas PIlipinas….More to go!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jones Cup 2011: Philippines vs. Iran in Semi-Finals!

Smart Gilas Pilipinas clobbered Japan in a remarkable fashion 94-78 even with the hot shooting of the Japanese in the 3-point area lead by Keijuro Matsui who came up with 8-out-of-8 and finish off with 27 points. But it was in the fourth quarter where the Smart Gilas Pilipinas tighten their defense and stop the bleeding by shutting down the torrid shooting by the Japanese.

Dondon Hontiveros came smoking in offense as he fires away with back to back tres at the same time silencing the hottest man in the court Keijuro Matsui of Japan. His defense proved too much for Matsui and it was that time when the Philippines find its rhythm to beat the Japan National if a promising way. Dondon Hontiveros played his best game in the tournament and a lot of expectations from him to really contribute and help the Smart Gilas Pilipinas national team to achieve its goal to get back on track for Olympics and on FIBA world.

Japan took its tool by showing a lot heart and guts in the first half with its torrid shooting and accurate ball rotation that makes the Smart Gilas Pilipinas do their work to neutralize the Japan offense. It was expected that Japanese will use its quickness and shooting touch to make it successful against the Philippines and they did at least in the first half. But at the end, Smart Gilas Pilipinas consistency and focus prevails and they proved it that they are on the right track to win big time and to considered being one of the contenders in Asia. Because of this win, Smart Gilas Pilipinas will now headed to semifinals against the two time defending champion and asia champion IRAN.

Tonight on the semifinal match facing IRAN, this will be more explosive and it will be a statement for the Smart Gilas Pilipinas if they are really ready for a big battle ahead in FiBA Asia come September by disposing a giving a good fight against the Iranians. This could be the match that will determine on how much maturity that the Smart Gilas Pilipinas developed and how ready they are in big time game.

Very noticeable for the team is their outside shooting, if they can develop and improve this department, it would create some scare from other nations that would include China and other powerhouse in Asia. In Jones Cup 2011, it was totally not a good shooting percentage in terms of 3 point shooting and that gives them disadvantage when the game is close. Shooting is a perennial problem by the Filipinos but if they can develop this in time for FIBA Asia that would certainly make them as one of the contenders to play in the Olympics.

It is time and let us witness the Jones Cup 2011 Semi Finals match between the no.2 and no.3 team the Philippines Smart Gilas vs. I.R. IRAN @ 7pm in Chinese Taipei.

Go Philippines…. Beat IRAN and take home the bacon..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jones Cup: Smart Gilas Pilipinas vows to SOKOR 78-70!

Smart Gilas Pilipinas showed tremendous improvement in terms of competitiveness and maturity in the system approach of Coach Rajko Toroman wanted to emphasize. They are now becoming more dangerous every game and make some statement every game.

Mostly composed of amateur players, Smart Gilas Pilipinas was formed two years ago with raw talents and inexperienced in international scene. But with coach Rajko Toroman guidance and patience this team starting to be one of the most dangerous teams in Asia.

Smart Gilas Pilipinas currently campaigning for Jones Cup 2011 and after five games they have a standing of 3-2 but what is more promising is their maturity and discipline inside the court. Lost to South Korea just a while ago with a score of 78-70 but not after the scary run that makes the Koreans give their best shot to defeat Smart Gilas Pilipinas in an exciting and competitive fashion.

But as they say, this team was being criticized all year long and what is more painful is that fellow Filipinos never have faith and doesn’t believe that it would make an impact or even compete with the best team in Asia such as China, Iran and ofcourse South Korea or even Jordan and Lebanon. But the way they are showing right now, Smart Gilas Pilipinas is now proving everyone wrong and they are giving their best shot and showing competitiveness in every international or exhibition games they played. They displayed heart and dedication to make the Philippines proud.

The way it was working with the team system that Coach Rajko Toroman wanted to imply, this team has something to look forward to. Beating the Asia Champion Iran in their opening match and playing hard against Jordan and South Korea makes them one of the teams to beat in Asia with the composition of elite collegiate players and a few selections of players from Philippine Basketball Players. Not to mention the big help from naturalize Marcus Douthit who is highly considered as one reason why play good basketball nowadays.

At the recent Jones Cup 2011, Smart Gilas Pilipinas is expected to be at least in the top four and have a chance to make it to the finals and eventually won a championship if they will be successful. The way they showed from playing against the best team who participated (IRAN, SOKOR and Jordan), they have definitely a very big chance of capturing the elusive Jones Cup Crown.

But there are still needs to learn and to expect, it will not end it here Smart Gilas Pilipinas will continue believing and serve the flag of the Philippines. With the extension of this program, for sure this team Smart Gilas Pilipinas will be develop and will become one of powerhouse teams in Asia.

Go Gilas , Go Pilipinas we are proud of You….

See some videos above for highlights…