Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jones Cup: Smart Gilas Pilipinas vows to SOKOR 78-70!

Smart Gilas Pilipinas showed tremendous improvement in terms of competitiveness and maturity in the system approach of Coach Rajko Toroman wanted to emphasize. They are now becoming more dangerous every game and make some statement every game.

Mostly composed of amateur players, Smart Gilas Pilipinas was formed two years ago with raw talents and inexperienced in international scene. But with coach Rajko Toroman guidance and patience this team starting to be one of the most dangerous teams in Asia.

Smart Gilas Pilipinas currently campaigning for Jones Cup 2011 and after five games they have a standing of 3-2 but what is more promising is their maturity and discipline inside the court. Lost to South Korea just a while ago with a score of 78-70 but not after the scary run that makes the Koreans give their best shot to defeat Smart Gilas Pilipinas in an exciting and competitive fashion.

But as they say, this team was being criticized all year long and what is more painful is that fellow Filipinos never have faith and doesn’t believe that it would make an impact or even compete with the best team in Asia such as China, Iran and ofcourse South Korea or even Jordan and Lebanon. But the way they are showing right now, Smart Gilas Pilipinas is now proving everyone wrong and they are giving their best shot and showing competitiveness in every international or exhibition games they played. They displayed heart and dedication to make the Philippines proud.

The way it was working with the team system that Coach Rajko Toroman wanted to imply, this team has something to look forward to. Beating the Asia Champion Iran in their opening match and playing hard against Jordan and South Korea makes them one of the teams to beat in Asia with the composition of elite collegiate players and a few selections of players from Philippine Basketball Players. Not to mention the big help from naturalize Marcus Douthit who is highly considered as one reason why play good basketball nowadays.

At the recent Jones Cup 2011, Smart Gilas Pilipinas is expected to be at least in the top four and have a chance to make it to the finals and eventually won a championship if they will be successful. The way they showed from playing against the best team who participated (IRAN, SOKOR and Jordan), they have definitely a very big chance of capturing the elusive Jones Cup Crown.

But there are still needs to learn and to expect, it will not end it here Smart Gilas Pilipinas will continue believing and serve the flag of the Philippines. With the extension of this program, for sure this team Smart Gilas Pilipinas will be develop and will become one of powerhouse teams in Asia.

Go Gilas , Go Pilipinas we are proud of You….

See some videos above for highlights…

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