Monday, August 22, 2011

PBA what’s next?

After the unexpected win by Petron Blaze over grand seeking Talk n’ Text in the recent 3rd Conference of the Governors Cup, what’s next for the PBA? I for one believed, that this league was politicized and some of the games are not for real. In short they are making money rather than making the basketball fans a real threat.

It was pretty obvious during the semifinals that there are important games that have been deliberately favored or it was given to give other team a chance to play in the finals or in a playoff. This is totally a bad sign to a league that has been considered as the first professional league in Asia. They should be growing and make its mark in the region but what is happening right now is they are not giving other potential companies to be part of the league but instead giving others to control and dominate.

Base on the audience and the outcome of number of live audiences and televiewers, it is pretty obvious that it was decreasing and the league would be in dying end if the management will continue to be controlled or will not do something good for the entire league. Chito Salud would innovate and not to be intimated and he should stand firm on his every decision to restore the trust and confidence of the fans. Back in 1980’s and 1990’s it was a different league, a league with full of promises not only for the fans but also for the players. It was then that the like of Robert Jaworski and Ramon Fernandez carrying the torch and it was really a decade where basketball fans are always excited going home and watch games even how lowly the team is. Because the real competition and the excitement offered by the Philippine Basketball Association is a guarantee.

Nowadays it was never and it’s dying at least for me. Why the PBA management is not able to pursue their own stadium? Because definitely they are afraid that they cannot sustain the operation. Why until now there are only 10 teams where a lot of potentials companies wanted to join to the one of the most prestigious professional league in asia?

Transformation and fair decision that will surely make this league a trusted and competent league. Number of teams should be increase and every game should be genuine and not fake. They have to create employment and accept more teams to make it more exciting and not boring.

For teams like Ginebra, Alaska, BMeG, Petron, Air21, Powerade, Rain or Shine, TnT, Meralco and Barako Bull…let these teams has a balance line up and be more competitive no powerhouse and no bias decision. For them to stay and maintain their interest in the league…

This is the job for the commissioner and I’m calling your attention! Let’s do it and revive the old glory of Philippine Basketball Association the first premier league in Asia.

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