Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Smart Gilas Pilipinas: More Games, More Exposure!

After its recent campaign in Jones Cup 2011 that placed them in 3rd position, Rajko Toroman and the rest of the coaching staff and management were convinced that the team is improving and the program is on the right track to create a national basketball team that will create noise and some fear to other asian countries including powerhouse team of IRAN and China. It has been proven that with enough preparation and exposure in international competition, the team will flourish and develop to mature.

It is not only talent that will bring success in any sports and we are very particular on our sports that we love, basketball. With this basketball program by Manny Pangilinan (truly an MVP) this is simply a sign of awareness that talent wise Filipinos have what it takes but as what I said talent is not enough to succeed in international scene. National teams need exposure that’s including familiarization of the rules and regulations and to get more ideas on how our neighboring countries played and the approach of the game.

Basically, Smart Gilas Pilipinas has a long way to go and it was a good idea that this program will continue and develop more to be more competitive and eventually will be able to capture respect and bring pride to our nation. Sacrifice is one and big question mark here, with money involve these players will be shift direction and leave the Smart Gilas Pilipinas in exchange to Philippine Basketball Association with a lot of opportunity and money. But how this program last if those players will quit and joining the professional league? This is now the biggest challenge for the coaching staff and the management to convince its players to stay and continue to play for the flag.

Chris Tiu, JV Casio, Marc Baracael, Marc Barroca are those only few members of the Smart Gilas Pilipinas national team show some interest to play in the PBA and earn big bucks. But it will be a failure for this team if majority of the players will not stay and instead play for the big league. Though the program will continue, they will again form a new members and then train and expose them to what the previous members did. I think this will not be effective and it will only ruin our chances. It should be a long program and players will have the same goal and that is to make our people and our nation proud.

Smart Gilas Pilipinas have been there and the only thing they have to do is to set their minds that playing with the flag is a big responsibility and honor. Money will follow and surely they will be blessed and given the accolades that any players wishing for. This is something big in the Philippines that the likes of Manny Pangilinan are helping our program to boost our Philippine sports without asking any help from government. This should be an obligation that our government should do but because of lack some initiatives and budgets…it was high time for MVP to step up and save our sports for the sake of Filipinos and our nation.

Smart Gilas Pilipinas is now gearing up in their preparation for Wuhan, China Olympic Qualifier and this might be the start of something big in Philippine Basketball as well as Philippine Sports.

Let us support the team of Smart Gilas and continue praise them for what they have sacrifice for us.

Mabuhay Smart Gilas PIlipinas….More to go!

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