Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jones Cup 2011: Smart Gilas Pilipinas upset I.R. Iran!

The annual Jones Cup is now on its way for this 2011 Season. It was an explosive starts yesterday August 6, 2011 when two of the contenders the two time defending champion IRAN national team and the Smart Gilas of the Philippines battled it out with intensity and rivalry.

Nobody expected with the result as the Smart Gilas caught IRAN flat footed when they beat the latter 73-59 in a more intense game. IRAN was highly favored on that game for the reason that they are the Asian Champion and the two time Jones Cup champion.

It was all out performance for the Smart Gilas Pilipinas as they never fear IRAN even with the presence of Memphis Grizzlies center 7-foot-2 Haddadi. They have lead and control the tempo from start to finish as they surprised the defending champion with flawed offense and swarming defense.

This might be the start of something big in Philippine Basketball with Rajko Toroman patiently hone his players to be more aggressive, motivated and challenged to every position. He is the brilliant mentor ever assembled a national team whom majority of its players are from the amateur ranks. He is very confident that the Smart Gilas Pilipinas would certainly be a threat to powerhouse team in asia. Though, Team Pilipinas is always be a contender when it comes to basketball. But this time around would be a different one, this team will capture the heart of every Filipinos and to get back their interest in basketball. Basketball is the game that every Filipinos love but many considered it is now dying because of some people who never care of the sports and it was politically motivated. But that belief has been slowly healed as Smart Gilas headed by every supportive Manny Pangilinan (known as MVP) is now trying to reborn the system and get back on track in world basketball.

Gilas with the presence of naturalized Marcus Douhit was able to match up pretty well with Haddadi and he shows to everyone that he is up to the challenge against the 7-foot-2 Haddadi and he will never ever intimated by anybody.

Smart Pilipinas recently was able to get a rare experienced on playing against the best of the NBA. When they got the chance to play with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and the 2010-2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose. It was truly a hell of an experienced and that proves enough that they are ready for a big time game against big time team in Asia.

They are optimistic that they can have the best position for this Jones Cup and after defeating IRAN national team they have now the big opportunity to capture the Jones Cup Championship.

With the NBA Lockout and it the 2011-2012 season is on doubt, many NBA Players considering for foreign league participation. I think this is the best time for everyone to take a glimpse for Asia Basketball as you will enjoy watching it and many of Asian players have the potential to play in the big league.

Jones Cup will continue today as the Philippines Smart Gilas will face the host Chinese Taipei @ 7pm Philippine time.

Watch Video above for some highlights..

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