Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lebron James is back but Miami Heat loses!

Hawks vs Heat January 18, 2011

Miami Heat welcomes back Lebron ‘King’ James from left ankle injury but it was spoiled by a loss against an Eastern Conference contender Atlanta Hawks 93-89 in a thrilling overtime at American Airlines Arena.

They started slow in the first half as the Atlanta Hawks gaining grounds to post a double digit lead in the early goings in the first quarter 19-11. As the heat was not doing very well in the first quarter and they are struggling badly in the particular quarter. Atlanta had a double digit lead in the early going in the second quarter but the Miami Heat lead by Lebron James and Dwyane Wade made a run to tie the ball to 30 apiece. It was a low scoring ball game, and it’s definitely not a type of a game for the Miami Heat.

As Erik Spoelstra quoted: “We showed a lot of heart and toughness to stick in there, and keep on grinding away. We had a horrible start of the game offensively.”

The worse thing is that the Miami Heat had 16 turnovers and the Atlanta Hawks scored 25 points from Miami’s Heat turnovers. But it was because a low scoring ballgame, once that happen it would mean the Miami Heat had a terrible night and bound to lose.

It was a gallant showing of Lebron and DWade but it turns out not enough as the Atlanta Hawks made every shot they had. Lebron James was all out of the game as he scored 34 points and Dwane Wade had 27 points.

They were caught losing in the overtime and they miss crucial shots most specially the last one from Lebron as he tried to take a 3 to take the game away from Atlanta Hawks but unfortunately it bounced out.

It was Miami Heat longest losing streak of the season but bound to rediscover their rhythm and dominate again in the next games.

Lebron James will rule.

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