Friday, January 14, 2011

Lebron injured his left ankle!

Miami Heat vs. L.A. Clippers January 12, 2011

Lebron James suffered a sprained left ankle when he tried to take it strong to the hoop against a defender during their game against L.A. Clippers last January 12, 2011. But he was still managed to get back on the court and buried a 3 point on the left corner to cut the deficit to 2 points.

At that point, Lebron James feeling the pain but still enables to continue and finished the game. But his gallant effort was not enough to stop the L.A. Clippers at home and eventually loses the game and end the road winning streak at 13.

Lebron James never played on Miami’s game against Denver Nuggets yesterday and they were massacred by the Carmelo Anthony lead Nuggets.

It just shown, King James is the key role of leading the Miami Heat to a championship again. His absence really creates significant effect on Miami’s game and its rotation. He was the key reason why Miami Heat is surging nowadays considering their 2 consecutive games.

Lebron would probably back in the next few days and dominate the game again. While his team the Miami Heat will then again start winning on its way to a NBA Championship.

Even with the losing effort, every basketball fans watched that game started to realized that Lebron James is somehow are not showing some overconfident even with the partnership of D-Wade and C-Bosh. This will erase all doubts and criticism that the reason behind Lebron’s ‘Decision’ to join D-Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami to be able to easily got a championship ring and less hassle.

But at the end of the day, all critics will be all praise and cheer for Lebron ‘King’ James.

Miami Heat will dominate with Lebron James.

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