Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lebron James the real King!

Lebron ‘King’ James has something to prove on his most illustrious and most talked career. Last season was so harsh on his part after deciding to leave Cleveland Cavaliers for Miami Heat. It was highly criticized that he is indeed a crap and never face the real challenge but instead making his mark to team up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh for easy championship.

For all season long back 2010-2011, Lebron James and the Miami Heat is the most celebrated topic in media. The created a lot of stories about the Miami Heat and Lebron regarding the chances of a championship if the big 3 is enough to win a championship or they need deep composition aside from the big 3. Many thoughts that they cannot do it all without the support off the bench and some role players. Many thoughts that they cannot succeed because of the conflicts of interest of the 3 stars. They were highly criticized because they were together and form a championship caliber team that was hated most. But all of these issues were almost eaten by their own mouth when the Miami Heat almost won an NBA Championship 2 win short after losing to Dallas Mavericks which I believed the most deserving team to win a crown.

2011-2012 Season is fast approaching all of that issues will be buried and start a fresh one. Lebron James will be making his mark and will prove to the world that he is indeed the ‘Chosen One’ and the ‘King’ in basketball. It was pretty obvious that he is purely the dominant player in the world today, with his all around skills he can be superior and dominating from his defender. He will surely break some records and will become the most productive player every played basketball.

This upcoming season would be more exciting and rewarding for Lebron and the Heat. With their team up of Dwayne Wade and the role play of Chris Bosh it would be a force to reckon with. The ‘Big 3’ are now more mature and will bring the game on their hand with the big plan ahead of the management and the coaching staff, by bringing some pieces to ensure the dominance and making an NBA dynasty in this new generation.

Lebron James will do his work this time around and will give the critics a huge surpise that they are all wrong upon saying against him. Lebron James will lead the Miami Heat to a promise land and continue to dominate when Lebron and his buddy Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh will stay together and understand each roles for their team.

Lebron James and the Miami Heat will make an NBA Dynasty!

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