Monday, December 12, 2011

NBA 2011-2012 Season: Free Agency’s frantic start sets tone for coaches, teams!

Good Lord, where does one begin?

What was the point of the lockout, again?

Dwight Howard wants to go from Orlando to Los Angeles or New Jersey, but not Chicago, it seems. Chris Paul won’t sign a contract extension unless he’s traded to Lakers, but to the right L.A. David Stern, in one fell swoop (one swell foop?), makes a decision that, somehow, manages to alienate…everyone.

It was like one of those old bits David Letterman used to do on NBC, when he’d go to the roof of a tall building and drop something, like a watermelon or cantaloupe, watch it burst when it hit the ground, then show the replay over and over. It was almost hypnotic watching all of the pieces splatter and separate.