Friday, March 11, 2011

Lebron James: Miami Heat break slump, Beat L.A.!

Lebron James and the Miami Heat came up big by breaking their 5 game losing streak by defeating the defending champion L.A. Lakers 94-88 Thursday at American Airlines Arena with a huge statement that they are still on the run for a championship.

After an instrumental and deep message from one of the big 3 Chris Bosh, Miami Heat played solid game and the so called ‘Big 3’ is working pretty well with a vengeance mode. Chris Bosh led the way with 24 points and nine rebounds. But what is more important is that, he has been aggressive and active on offense and in defense.

Lebron James consistently playing his all around game, with the defense concentrated on him and Ron Artest was all over on him, Lebron James still displayed all around performance as he almost have a triple double output with 19pts, 9rebs, and 8 assists.

Dwayne Wade made the most damage as he stole from the hands of Kobe Bryant as what to be the biggest position of the Lakers play. Right after the steal he immediately led the pass to Lebron James as Lebron hammer it home for the lead and that certainly change the complexion of the game.

This could be the realism of the team that has been criticized and questioned throughout the season. Miami Heat was the main topic all over the season and until now they were hated and everytime there will be an issue that can cause the team and organization downfall, they will put it into the table.

But as Lebron and the Heat battle the adversity, they are more becoming the dangerous team and no teams wanted to face Miami Heat and the ‘Big 3’ in the early rounds of the playoff.

As what coach Erik Spoelstra said on the win:

‘It’s one game. We certainly wanted to get over this initial hump but we want to keep on going. The important thing about a stretch like that is guys did not collapse.’

As for me, Miami Heat will be fine. Once the 3 superstars continue to learn and understand each others role, they will be the team to beat. The bench should be more involve and this should be understood by the coaching staff. Rotation and involvement will be crucial in this team and I believed, they are coming over in the position.

Lebron James 2011

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