Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lebron James: Miami Heat slowing down!

Lebron James and the Miami Heat are showing some slow in this crucial stretch of NBA 2010-2011 season. The most controversial and criticized ‘Big 3’ are fallen? They have been experiencing very frustrated losses including the previous 5 game losing streak against playoff contenders.

What I have noticed is Lebron’s changing approach of the game. He is not the typical Lebron who always in the attack mode. Does this mean he wants to be excuse on their losses? Or he might be the reason why the Miami Heat is losing nowadays. Lebron James is the two time NBA Most Valuable Player and based on what I’ve seen right now, he is far behind from what he is truly is.

His aggressiveness has been gone and he never been a player who used to be. He passes the ball too much and tends not to play his real game which is in scoring mode. He should not let others do the task which he should perform. He should not like a kid who seeks for a help when somebody blame him for a loss.

Lebron James should play and get back himself into his game. The real game where he become a two time MVP. He should not in Dwayne Wade’s back, he should be in attack mode and delivers quality game to secure Miami Heat in the playoff. The way Lebron is playing right, if you will ask me on this? Lebron James is showing his dependency to Dwayne Wade and to Chris Bosh.

Lebron James should comprehend with Wade and Bosh to be successful and to bring home the championship to Miami Heat. If he don’t want to be blame and degraded his status as the premiere superstar, he should play his standard and play as the real Lebron James.

Attach mode and consistency would perfectly and dominate counterpart. If Lebron and the ‘Big 3’ understand their individual role and shallow their pride, then Miami Heat will restore the respect and domination in the league.

Lebron James 2011!

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