Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lebron James: Player of the Week!

Miami Heat’s Lebron James named Player of the Week in the Eastern Conference for games played Monday, March 14, through Sunday, March 20.

Lebron James averaged a league-high 29.0 points on .547 shooting to go along with 5.5 rebounds and 4.0 assists as the Heat went 3-1. On March 18, Lebron James scored a game-high 43 points against Atlanta Hawks at Atlanta, including 23 in the 3rd quarter, shooting 16-21 from the field overall. This is the fifth time that Lebron received Player of the Week honors this season.

It has been observed on his previous games that he was not on his own, where his aggressiveness and his prowess was not totally not there. When Lebron not on his own self, Miami Heat always on trouble. It was very evident when Lebron playing below par, Miami Heat will have some difficulties on winning. This was very clear when they had 5 game losing streaks.

Miami Heat has been criticizing all out of the season, once Miami loses; they always try to downgrade the presence of the ‘Big 3’. But because of lack of center and point guard position the depth of their bench, they were upset by other teams.

But would they be ready to face Miami Heat and Lebron James in the playoff? This team would simply showcase the intensity and its talent that they can be a championship contender this season even with so much adjustment and imperfection in the team.

If Lebron James will lead and continue his dominance every game, Miami Heat will be fine and they will be a big threat in the playoff.

Lebron James would be in the MVP race and everybody knows that he would be in the battle to win his 3rd MVP award in 3 consecutive years. Understanding his role and taking over the game would lead Miami Heat into a better position to play in the NBA Finals.

Lebron James 2011!

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